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How time flys! It's time to say goodbye to 2012, but the last TOP 10 will not going to absent. Check out what is the must-haves of the week!

10. Life is Magic

Life is Magic is a location-based free-to-play game that uses your actual location to populate its fantasy/steampunk-themed role playing game (RPG). It’s like an online multiplayer game that turns the real world around you into a gorgeously illustrated land of magic, complete with dungeons, monsters, and treasure. The combat will feel familiar to anyone who’s played a turn-based JRPG game like the Final Fantasy series.

Life is Magic FEATURES:

 - Massively Multiplayer Persistent Location Based MMO!
 - Compete with other players where you live to claim Magic Towers as your own
 - Compete against real players for real locations!
 - Fight in deep dungeons all over the world to grow stronger and find rare equipment
 - Real locations and places transformed into a magical, fantasy world
 - Choose from three characters: Mage, Machinist or Monk
 - Persistent global world
 - Search for and unlock new treasures
 - Buy powerful new spells
 - Invite friends or foes to your party and become world renowned
 - Find and chat with new players by location
 - 4 Million+ locations to compete for
 - Virtually infinite number of weapons and gear to find and use
 - 100 Quests to complete!
 - Game Center integrated, earn up to 50 achievements!
 - Friend invite system with twitter & facebook
 - Send and receive daily free gifts
 - Discover new players where you live

Life is Magic Life is Magic
The location-based fantasy MMO that transforms the real world around you into a land of elemental magic, dungeons, and treasure. Team up with friends to battle Titans using a JRPG-style turn-based combat system, capture magic towers, and steal tons of loot.

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