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Here are the TOP 10 action title of 2012 on Pandaapp.

10. Street Wrestler

Take justice to the streets with suplexes and piledrivers. Street Wrestler is certainly an apt name for this game. Players take control of one of four masked wrestlers and take to the streets handing out smack-downs in the form of punches, kicks, and body slams. Each wrestler has his or her own unique moves, though they are all activated by the same button combinations. The wrestlers also handle in different ways. Some are large, strong, and slow while others are more lithe and quick on their feet. Players can take each wrestler through all the game’s levels, beating up everything in their path.

Street Wrestler Street Wrestler
Take to the streets and administer your own brand of masked vigilante justice as you punch, kick, throw and slam any witless thug that gets in your way.

9. Shoot The Zombirds

Shoot the Zombirds is an archery game where the player shoots arrows at avian zombies. Shoot the Zombirds is a game about history’s most popular motivator: revenge. The game was a flawless execution of a simple concept that is hard to put down.

Shoot The Zombirds Shoot The Zombirds
Do you remember Pumpkin Boy? Last year he was protecting little Pumpkids from the evil birds. Now, that the Pumpkids have grown up a bit, the undead birds are after them once again.


Capcom's SNES classic Mega Man X. Mega Man X is a port of the SNES game, a 16-bit platformer with beefed-up graphics. In addition to a classic story mode, Mega Man X will contain 80 side challenges and Game Center support. Classic soundtrack; refined visuals; numerous options; not too difficult.

The super masterpiece of the action game "MEGA MAN X” now powered up! With variety of weapons and reinforcing parts, break Sigma’s dark ambition down!!

7. Madcoaster

Madcoaster is another great high score chase, but with loop-de-loops! Ever elusive high score chase is addictive. Roller coaster theme works in some weird way. Madcoaster is plays a lot like Tiny Wings, but with some important differences. Whereas Tiny Wings is a subtle celebration of flight and nature, Madcoaster is loud, crude, and challenges you to squash as many birds and animals as possible. It's kind of a mean premise, but gosh, it's pretty fun.

Madcoaster Madcoaster
Get ready for the roller coaster ride of your life with MadCoaster. Speed through various environments, collecting coins along the way as you try to beat your latest high score!

6. Swordigo

The fantasy world of Zelda takes the player to a place where one can jump, run, and fight through the journey that is full of adventure and dangers. Swordigo takes the user to explore the magical realm of the dungeons, find the treasures of the town, and fight against the monsters. This game provides full action with optimized game play and the latest features such as synchronizing saves between the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad through iCloud. The Retina display makes the game play on the iPhone a sheer pleasure.

Swordigo Swordigo
Run, jump and fight your way through a vast world to defeat the spreading corruption.

5. Blade of Darkness

Blade of Darkness is a hack-and-slash third-person action game in which you can play as one of four different warriors, all of whom must do bloody battle with assorted forces of evil. The game follows in the tradition of similar fantasy-themed 3D action games that feature violent melee combat, such as Die by the Sword, Heretic II, Drakan, and, most recently, Rune. Blade of Darkness distinguishes itself from the rest of these with its selection of different characters, its motion-captured character animation, and its gore effects and lighting effects.

Blade of Darkness aims to fill that ever-present gap left in gamers’ hearts by the likes of Diablo.

Blade of Darkness Blade of Darkness
The Blade of Darkness is an open 3DRPG game of actions. Different from general rpg games, this game pays more attention to operations other than properties. You can avoid attacks of monsters, or seize a chance for combo and disable them, and at last give the monsters a deadly strike

4. God of Blades

Sometimes games are more than the gameplay they offer, and God of Blades is a good example of that. Its style and overall atmosphere speaks to a very specific theme of prog rock and fantasy settings. It's as much about experiencing the game than playing the game itself. That said, God of Blades has an interesting combat mechanic that takes a while to reveal itself to the player, but once it does offers an incredibly unique, almost rhythm-based action. Once it clicks, then all the overarching visuals and themes really come together to provide a cohesive package that feels like it wouldn't be possible on any other platform.

God of Blades God of Blades
A love-song to pulp fantasy tales of yore, 70s synth-prog-landscape oddities, and forgotten places, God of Blades is a gorgeous, visceral sidescrolling physics-based sword-fighting adventure.

3. ORC: Vengeance

It seems like people are always clamoring for the iOS platform's "Diablo" equivalent, but nothing ever quite felt up to snuff. I can't quite say that Orc is it, but it's for darn sure one of the best isometric dungeon crawlers available on the platform. Gorgeous visual, tons of loot, and missions that are appropriately bite-sized for gaming while on the go. A huge update hit recently adding even more content to this already fantastic game, making it the one to beat for all future dungeon crawlers.

ORC: Vengeance ORC: Vengeance
With groundbreaking visuals, intense combat, dynamic controls, epic boss battles and a deep, narrative-driven campaign, ORC: Vengeance is the most complete RPG available on the App Store.


The Metal Slug series is one of the best run 'n gun shooter series of all time, and the third entry is widely considered to be the best of the bunch. It made the transition to the touchscreen quite beautifully, maybe not at first but with a subsequent update that addressed any issues we had in our original review. With the first Metal Slug recently popping up on iOS as well, hope that this classic SNK franchise will see all of its games released on the platform at some point.

The legendary NEOGEO 2D action shooting masterpiece “METAL SLUG 3” heads out to iPhone devices! Use various weapons and slugs to fight your way through and survive on the battlefield!!

1. Horn

Horn was an ambitious title, wanting to deliver an action RPG inspired by newer Zelda titles, and it succeeded on many levels. The world was gorgeous and fun to explore, with a likable main character and intriguing story. I thought the actual combat was very well done too, and a lot of fun, though it tended to feel repetitive the further along you went in the game. Still, Horn was a standout title this year.

Horn™ Horn™
HORN is a 3rd person action adventure game - a completely unique experience where anyone can fully explore and enjoy a beautiful and engaging console-style world, all controllable by touch gestures.
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