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The mighty Apple iPhone 5 has officially gone on sale in mainland China two weeks ago. The iPhone 5 is only 7.6mm thick, which is 1.7mm thinner than the previous iPhone 4s. Due to its relatively long body design, the rigidity seem not as good as the old model. The iPhone 5, which is made of so-called anodized 6000 series aluminum, it’s no stronger than Chinese users’ butt. Chinese netizen “keith512” is the first Apple user to raise up the issue. He put the newly bought iPhone 5 in his back trousers pocket, and it was bent out of shape after he sat down. Luckily the screen is still working, but the nano-sim card slot was damage. The uncommon incident attracted nearly ten thousand web user to share and discuss on Chinese social network …

A number of Chinese Apple’s user complain about their fragile iPhone 5 was bent by their own butt. Some said that since the death of Steve Jobs, Apple’s product quality has been going down, first the back scratches iPhone 5, and now it can be crooked. What made the user even more annoying is Apple refused to repair or replace the crooked iPhone 5 because it’s a man-made damage case and therefore it’s not included within the free warranty. After dealing, Apple user “keith512″ finally spend about US$280 to exchange another brand new iPhone 5 in HK Apple store. If you are looking for unauthorized repair service for help, the repair fees will cost you HKD$300 (US$38) for ’strengthening’ service, which means to wry it back by force (WTF…), or you can choose a new body shell replacement which charge HKD$1,000 (US$129).


Although the body of iPhone 5 will get crook, most of the people think that the “flexible screen” on the crooked iPhone 5 will become a trend of the future smartphone world. Someone even predict that iPhone 6 will look like the crooked iPhone 5 — bent and flexible. Any one remember the rumor about Samsung offering flexible display on its next generation smartphone ? Looks like Apple will follow on the same track with Samsung ! Now put your iPhone 5 on a flat desktop to check whether it’s straight or not. If you want a unbreakable phone, just get Nokia.

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