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Apple's own Maps app was lucky enough to be rancked as one of biggest disappoint gagdgets of 2012. Although Apple managed to fix it, it's still far from people's satisfaction. Now folks over Mashable have posted a group of comparison about landmarks in the world. Take a look how they are different.

1. Eiffel Tower - Paris, France

When Apple Maps launched in September, there was a funny picture of the Eiffel Tower looking like it had been run over by a gigantic steamroller. The image was one of the many iconic examples of how Apple's app came up way short. Now Apple's Eiffel outshines Google's washed-out looking image.

2. Big Ben - London, UK

Give the nod to Apple Maps again. While Google's shot is clear, Apple's is rich, detailed and vintage looking. Which Instagram filter do you think they used?

3. Colosseum - Rome, Italy

Both Apple and Google capture fairly good-looking shots of the Colosseum in Rome. This time it looks like Google used Amaro while Apple went #nofilter.

4. Malmö Central Station - Malmö, Sweden

Malmö Central Station in Sweden is not necessarily a renown landmark, but it is worth noting because it was a problem spot when Apple Maps first launched with iOS 6 in September. Apple's version of the railway station is still not looking too great.

5. Paderborn, Germany

This was another problem spot from the September launch of Apple Maps with iOS 6. It looks like Apple still hasn't quite figured this one out. Sorry Paderbornians!

6. Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, USA

Neither app does a great job of capturing the Golden Gate Bridge. The landmark simply does not look as good from overhead as it does from the side. From what little you can see, Apple Maps wins slightly for getting the trademark international orange color slightly better.

7. The Great Pyramid - Giza, Egypt

Call this one a split decision. Google's burnt red sand is a little easier to look at than Apple's. And it is nice that Google has labels over the various landmarks such as the Great Pyramid (top left corner). Those same labels, however, partially obscure the Sphinx (bottom right corner), which can been seen clearly on Apple's image.


8. The Kremlin - Moscow, Russia

Google wins on color and clarity capturing the Kremlin. Apple's seems to be getting a bit cloudy.

9. London Bridge - London, UK

The original Apple Maps app had a hysterically distorted picture of Battersea Bridge in London. Now Londoners will be please to know that neither Battersea nor

10. Machu Picchu - Peru

Neither of these shots of Machu Picchu are going to make the cover of National Geographic. Google's outlines help give definition to the ancient Incan village.

11. Mauna Loa - Hawai'i, USA

Both apps make world's largest active volcano looks like a trippy visualization from Windows Media Player circa 2004.

12. Parthenon - Athens, Greece

There's nothing too outstanding about either of these captures. This is another monument that looks much better from the side.

13. Statue of Liberty - New York, USA

Chalk one up for Apple Maps, which produces a marginally better looking shot of the Statue of Liberty. Google's water looks strangely choppy, which abruptly changes towards the bottom of the image.

14. Stonehenge - UK

Apple does a much better job of producing a clear picture of this famously mysterious Neolithic monument.

15. Sydney Opera House - Sydney, Australia

While neither allow us to see the beautifully designed building up close, Google's water looks much more vibrant.

16. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Give Google another win here. It is hard to distinguish the water's edge in Apple's image of the beautiful Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

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