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Here are the best received iOS Apps available on Pandaapp. Thanks for all the Pandaapp fans, here are your choice of the best!

10. GPSSpeed HD: Speedometer, Altimeter, Compass, GPS-Tracker

GPSSpeed, the most powerful GPS app.

List of features:

✔ Speedometer with speed profile
✔ Altimeter with height profile history
✔ Logs in sleep-mode if the application is running
✔ Logs in background if supported by iOS
✔ In statistics, the recorded profiles are available for analysis
✔ Display the recorded tracks on the map
✔ Display the current track on the map
(Using maps requires internet connection)
✔ These routes can be sent as an email in the formats KML, GPX and CSV with including histogram
✔ Show average speed and track distance
✔ Display of ascent and descent
✔ G-MeterGPSSpeed

GPSSpeed HD: Speedometer, Altimeter, Compass, GPS-Tracker GPSSpeed HD: Speedometer, Altimeter, Compass, GPS-Tracker
GPSSpeed HD is the ultimate speedometer for all iPhone/iPad with GPS.

9. Dot Lock Protection Pro - Secure Your iPhone/iPad Private Data

This is a must have Security app.

App Key Features:

√ Choose between dot lock & keypad lock screens
√ Break-in log tells you where and when the app had a break-in attempt and the code the intruder tried to use
√ Receive break-in reports to your email
√ Normal and fake password modes
√ Badge alerts will show break in attempts
√ Backup password via email
√ Hide contacts, notes, photos, videos, bookmarks, browser history and downloads
√ Download photos, videos and even streaming videos from the app browser
√ Full Featured Safari-like multi-window private browser
√ Create unlimited number of folders and sub-folders
√ Customize your folders and albums colors
√ Take private photos from within the app
√ Discreet icon design
√ Import and export Photos/Videos from or to Photoroll
√ Fully customizable slideshows
√ Full featured in-app video player
√ Share photos & videos via email
√ Full retina display support

Dot Lock Protection Pro - Secure Your iPhone/iPad Private Data Dot Lock Protection Pro - Secure Your iPhone/iPad Private Data
Secure your iPhone, iPod and iPad private data including contacts, notes, credit cards data, passwords, browser history, bookmarks, downloads, albums, photos and videos. Featuring exclusive DotLock and Key Pad lock screens, fake passcode mode and break-in reports with intruder’s photo, date, time and GPS location on the map.

8. Clear

What separates Clear from hundreds of other task-management apps are its ease of use and beautiful design. A recent update enables the app to work alongside iCloud, so you can share task lists between your MacBook and iPhone seamlessly. Other newer features include the ability to switch lists quickly, and paste text into Clear and have it auto-format into a list.

Key features:

· Personal todo list
· Shopping list
· Quick notes list for phone numbers and things
· List of movies to watch, or books to read
· Guest list for that party
· Bucket list for those big life goals

Clear Clear
Life is messy. Keep it together with Clear, an amazing new app for list-keeping that is unbelievably simple, quick and satisfying to use.

7. BeFunky Photo Editor Pro

Camera Awesome – which is superior to the pre-installed iPhone camera and all other third-party photography apps – also integrated with Tumblr. The app’s “1-Tap Share” feature is now accessible with all major social networks. Beyond Camera Awesome’s stunning interface, there are several ways this app can “awesomize” your pictures, including automatic levelization and color adjustment. The ability to capture videos up to five seconds before you press record is also a great option. Finally, Camera Awesome makes it dead simple to share photos across your favorite social networks (Instagram included).

Key features:

★ 1-Tap and 0-Tap Sharing
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SmugMug, Picasa, Photobucket and Flickr.

★ 1-Tap Awesomize
Touch just once for perfect pictures.

★ Professionally designed special effects
From renowned photographer Kevin Kubota.

★ Beauty, Brains and Blistering Speed
Gorgeous design that gets out of your way.

★ Great Scott! Video Time Travel!
Precording starts before you hit record.

Camera Awesome Camera Awesome
Camera Awesome takes your photos to the next level by shooting faassst and taking sharper, better-exposed shots. Make your memories come alive with stunning professional effects. 0-Tap sharing on the sites you love.

6. Voice Answer

Voice Answer another voice app could be replacement for Siri is now available from the App Store and can be used on any iPhone, iPad or iPod with iOS 4.2 or later. Netherlands-based developer called Sparkling Apps says it has been rejected by Apple for nearly 3 months, but fiannly we can get the app now.

Like Siri, it is based on data from Wolfram Alpha, among other sources, and allows you to ask questions with voice or by typing. Unfortunately, as seen with Evi on iPhone, many of these voice apps get approved and later pulled for being too similar to SIRI. And it supports older versions of the iPhone, that's great!

Voice Answer Voice Answer
Voice Answer gives answers on many topics. You can ask your question either by talking to it or type it out, and the app will answer you in a clear voice.

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