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For those of you just looking for an extra mile to take when it comes to customizing your iOS devices, check out a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed Boover by iOS developer Jonathan Winger Lang.

Boover allows you to change the location of notification badges on your application icons. It comes with many different options to choose from, and even some manual overrides. When you install the tweak, head over to the Settings application and you'll see all the customization options you get:

From the options, you can choose to hide or show the application labels, which depending on your badge location choice might look better with the labels hidden. You will also see from the bottom of the preferences pane that there are manual options for moving the notification badges from their default position. There is an X and a Y adjuster, and you can move the sliders, or tap the up and down or right and left buttons. There is also a convenient reset to 0 button if you ever want to go back to the defaults.

Under the option to hide or show the application labels, you will find a menu where you can select from a list of 10 different pre-set notification badge locations:

The ten different notification badge locations you can choose from are:

-Top left
-Top center
-Top right (default)
-Middle left
-Middle center
-Middle right
-Bottom left
-Bottom center
-Bottom right
-Replace label (app name)

Whenever you change the location of the notification badges on your icons from these settings, you'll have to respring your device using the button in the previous settings pane for your changes to take effect.

It’s quite a minor adjustment, but if you’ve ever wanted to adjust where on an application icon that your notification badges appear, Boover is a great tweak to let you do this. You can grab it right now for free from the BigBoss repository.


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