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Auxo, the highly anticipated jailbreak tweak that reinvents the iOS app switcher is now available on Cydia.

 As shown above, Auxo has a completely new look in mind for the App Switcher. Instead of mere application icons, Auxo shows us application previews, which are overlaid by the application icons. The application previews show screenshots of your most recent activity in the application, and they update as you go through and move between applications. Badges will still appear as usual at the top right of each object where applicable. To close out of applications, simply swipe down on them.

 In the music controls area of the App Switcher, more information is now shown through Auxo than in Apple’s App Switcher. The iPod controls take after the iOS 6-style buttons from the Music application, and you can see song, album, and artist information right in between two icons – the album artwork on the left and the Music application icon on the right. If you were listening to Spotify, then the Spotify icon would appear, the same would happen for other audio applications. By swiping up slightly on the song information, you will reveal a volume slider.

 All the way to the left, where Apple’s volume bar usually is, Auxo has brought more controls directly to your fingertips. You won’t find a volume slider bar here anymore, since it’s now located in the iPod controls pane. Instead, you’ll find a brightness slider and multiple toggles. There are two rows of toggles, which can be accessed by swiping up or down. The toggles you will find are:

-Orientation Lock
-High Speed Data
-Mute Switch
-Airplane Mode
-Personal Hotspot
-Cellular Data

 If you tap and hold on one of the toggles, the Settings application will launch showing the preferences pane related to the toggle you just held down on. Pretty sweet!

 Auxo is also very smart for managing your backgrounded applications. If you want to close out of every application in the App Switcher at once, just hold down on one of the applications and you will get the prompt above on the left, allowing you to choose whether or not to close out of every application at once. If an application, such as the Music application, is running in the background, Auxo will warn you that it is and let you confirm whether or not you want to kill the process, just as shown above on the right.

 From the preferences pane for Auxo, you’ll find yourself a convenient user guide, support links, and information about the creators. You will also find a configuration cell, which shows the preferences below. It allows you to rearrange the toggles in the order that you want them to appear in the Auxo App Switcher:

 Auxo feels like a completely different experience, and blows every other App Switcher tweak to date right out of the water. It combines great looks with great function. This is how the App Switcher should have been from the start; take notes Apple!

 Currently, Auxo is only compatible with iOS 6, which means only iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, and iPhone 3GS users will be able to install the tweak. Within the next week, the tweak should see iOS 5 support, thanks to a porting effort by iOS developer iKy1e! The reasoning for this is because the switcher back-end had been completely changed from the upgrade to iOS 6 from iOS 5, so it must be re-written for iOS 5.

 For those on iOS 5, we assure you that the tweak is worth the wait! iPad support will be coming early-2013.

 Auxo is also iPhone 5-ready, and it will be worth the wait to use this tweak on the taller display when the iPhone 5 is finally jailbroken!

 If you use Zephyr, you'll be happy to hear that Auxo is 100% compatible with it.

 Auxo is now available on Cydia for $1.99 via BigBoss repo.

via modmyi via IDB

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