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ShaqDown—coming to iOS and Android—is a 2D beat ’em up. It takes place in a dystopian future where the human race has been slaughtered and enslaved by a race of mutant zombies. Things are looking grim, but the survivors have heard rumors of a warrior brave enough to stand up to the creatures. That warrior, as it so happens, is Shaq.

Not unlike Shaq Fu, ShaqDown is a game about beating up anything and everything in your path. But you won’t just be running around and punching zombies with reckless abandon – you have access to a host of superpowers, such as massive energy bursts and larger-than-life uppercuts. The game is basically providing you a glimpse into a regular day in Shaq’s life.

ShaqDown will also feature additional modes which can be unlocked by earning “Shaqra” in the main game. Not all of these modes have been announced yet, but the press release mentions the inclusion of a survival mode.

As you can tell from the screenshots, ShaqDown is one gorgeous game. That’s because Street Fighter artist Long Vo handled the animation. And speaking of well-known people, world champion wrestler Lee Kemp and other celebrities will show up to assist Shaq throughout the game. Although I doubt the man needs any kind of help, it’s nice to know the offer is there.

ShaqDown is slated to arrive later this month. We will keep you updated.


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