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Here are best jailbreak tweaks and apps available on Cydia recommended for the week.

1. Every Last Minute – FREE

Every Last Minute is a new jailbreak tweak that helps you schedule your calendar events more accurately. Apple, by default, makes you choose between time increments of 5 minutes. With Every Last Minute installed, you’ll be able to choose any minute within that 5-minute increment, effectively letting you set a calendar event every minute if you wanted to. It works seamlessly with Apple's Calendar application.

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2. Folder Passcode – FREE

Do you lend your iPad to your kids, but don’t want them mucking around with your iMessage or Email accounts? Do you want to prevent your drunken friends from fooling around with Settings or installing prank Cydia tweaks to mess with you?  Folder Passcode won’t find you better friends, but it is a Cydia tweak which will allow you to set a passcode to prevent designated folders from being opened on the SpringBoard.

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3. Speaking Keyboard - $1

A new Cydia tweak called Speaking Keyboard rectifies this by adding text-to-speech to the equation, speaking everything you type, so you don’t have to look at the device’s screen constantly. The tweak goes a step further and can be configured to speak separate words (complete with spellings, if you want) or entire sentences. The best part is that you don’t even have to select anything for it to work; Speaking Keyboard speaks as you type.

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4. Icon Passcode – FREE

If you’ve ever wanted to restrict access to certain apps on your jailbroken iOS device, this new tweak may come in handy. Icon Passcode will allow you to lock any icon on your home screen with a four digit passcode. It’s pretty useful, but can sometimes make you look like you’re up to no good.

The tweak is pretty straight forward and only leaves a few options to tinker with in the Settings app. Once you’ve installed Icon Passcode, you’ll have the ability to set a master passcode that will be used for all of your app icons. After a passcode has been created, you can select which apps will be locked from within the tweak’s settings.

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5. Command Alert – FREE

Wanted to change permissions on your device’s filesystem without exiting an app? Are you following a tutorial, to fix something, but don’t want to switch from your browser to mobile terminal? We’ve found a new tweak that can help.

The tweak: Command Alert is a Cydia tweak that pulls up an alert dialog through an Activator gesture. This dialog contains a text entry bar that can run terminal commands anywhere. Commands can be instantly carried out and is logged for review later.

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6. Download To Newsstand – FREE

Download To Newsstand is a recently released jailbreak tweak that attempts to address this. It moves all pending downloads into the Newsstand folder for an easy to see centralized location for all pending downloads.

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7. Clock Delete – FREE

Clock Delete is a new jailbreak tweak that enables swipe to delete gestures in the Clock application for your time zone clocks and your alarms. Usually you have to tap on the edit button to bring up the deleting interface, however it seems odd that Apple has swipe to delete in other interfaces and not the Clock application. This tweak will fix that and make everything feel more consistent throughout. Not to mention, it allows you to delete stuff in fewer steps than before.

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