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Like Nokia, BlackBerry isn’t losing his market share in these years. With the rise of iOS and Android, other mobile operating systems have seen a huge drop in usage. The battle for the third spot is currently between Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10. Research in Motion is all set to unveil their latest BlackBerry 10 OS and new smartphones in January. So, how good is the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha that’s being circulated among developers?

The Gadget Masters got their hands on a Dev Alpha B running BlackBerry 10 OS v10.0.9.1103 and pit it against the iPhone 5 and HTC 8X. It’s not a full head-on comparison, but only showcases the devices’ browser capabilities. The iPhone 5 running iOS 6 and the HTC 8X running Windows Phone 8 were put against the BB10 OS Dev Alpha B in a browser speed test. The tests are simple, you just load up a website and see which loads it faster.

In the iPhone 5 (iOS 6) vs BB10 Dev Alpha B test, the latter loaded websites much faster. Both the devices were connected to the same carrier and were using Cellular data. Here’s the full video:

In the HTC 8X (Windows Phone 8) vs BB10 Dev Alpha B test, the latter again stomped the competition and won the race. This time, both the devices were connected to a Wi-Fi network. An HTML 5 browser test also showed that BB10′s browser is the best browser among all mobile and desktop browsers. Say what? Watch the full test below:

Looks like BlackBerry 10 OS is turning out to be a good contender in the mobile OS race. The UI is similar to Windows Phone 8 Live tiles, but the BB10 OS heavily relies on gestures. RIM will be launching BB10 OS and new devices in January 2013. I guess we’ll have to wait and watch who grabs the 3rd spot.

There was a time, when Symbian used to be the No.1 mobile operating system and Nokia the biggest phone manufacturer. Things have changed.

What do you think of the new BlackBerry 10 OS? I think it’s a huge step forward from the ancient BB 7/6/5.And leave your thought in our comments column.

via ijailbreak via Gadget Masters

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