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It's now become common practice for game developers to release festive-themed updates for those all-time-popular iPhone games. Here we have collected all the must-plays for this Christmas, have fun!

1. Where's My Holiday?

Where’s My Holiday? is a new release, based on the Where’s My? franchise and includes characters from both Where’s My Water? and Where’s My Perry?.

This 12-stage spin-off features Swampy and Perry, who are the two protagonists from Disney's award-winning Where's My Water? and Where's My Perry? games.

In Swampy's levels, your aim is - once again - to guide a crystal-clear stream of water around pollutants and various obstacles, and into the little croc's bath.

Your aim in Perry's levels is pretty much the same, but you have to manipulate water in its solid, liquid, and gas forms in order to help Agent P get back to his headquarters.

Where's My Holiday? Where's My Holiday?
Swampy and Perry need help – are you up to the challenge?

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