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Developer Wayward would have you believe that The Veil is going to be "a very special mobile experience."

Looking at the game's media and reading up on its concept makes it hard not to agree.

You control a submarine in The Veil, and head into fictional arctic waters inspired by the Canadian Northwest Passage. It's dark, mysterious, and there's a historical story to be found down there.

If you watch the gameplay below, you'll see that the focus of The Veil is soaking you into the eerie ambiance of the underwater abyss. There's also an effort to get you gripped by the characters and storyline told by voice overs from the start.

Apparently, your task is to traverse the beautiful but deadly Glass Veil. As you enter, a shipwreck acts a precursor to the danger, and the darkness calls for your lights to guide the way.

Gameplay seems minimal, with just a few taps needed to guide the submarine.

The story of The Veil is surmised by Wayward as follows: "Traverse the beautiful but deadly Glass Veil and unravel the mystery of Ella as she leads the Seymour through the region a century ago."

The plan is to launch the first episode of four on mobile some time in Winter 2013/2014 on mobile. However, considering the footage above is pre-alpha, it seems like that a delay could occur.





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