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We heard Instagram to sell any photo you upload to the service to corporations to use in their advertising campaigns, so some of you may dislike this behavior and will be wanting to delete your Instagram account until the photo sharing giant reverts its decision (or possibly forever if this never happens).So ijailbreak made a step by step to guide you how to backup your instagram photos and delete your account:

You will be glad to know that deleting your Instagram account is actually extremely simple. Although you may want to delete your Instagram account, you likely will not want to lose all those photos you uploaded. As such in this tutorial we will not only be covering how to delete your Instagram account, but how to back up your Instagram photos as well.

If you are looking to delete your Instagram account because of the recent turmoil with the terms of service, my personal suggestion would be to wait a week or so, as it is likely Instagram will go back on its decision to sell your photos. If Instagram indeed does, we will let you know, so stay tuned.

Now, on to the tutorial…

How To Backup Your Instagram Photos

The first thing you will need to do is ask yourself “do I want to backup my Instagram photos to my computer or to a cloud storage service like Dropbox?” If you would like to backup your Instagram photos to your computer then you will want to use a service called Instaport. For those looking to backup their Instagram photos to the cloud you will want to use OpenPhoto.


1.Login to your Instagram account.

2.Navigate to Instaport.me on your browser.

3.Click the Sign in with Instagram button and grant Instaport access to your Instagram account.

4.When you do this you will be re-direction back to Instaport.me and your Instagram photos will begin being processed. This process can take anywhere from 5 minutes to half an hour depending on how many photos you have.

5.When Instaport.me is finished processing your photos you can download them as .zip file to your computer.


1.Login to your Instagram account and your cloud storage service.

2.Create a free account with OpenPhoto.me.

3.Grant OpenPhoto.me access to your cloud storage service.

4.Click the import from Instagram button and wait for the magic to happen.

Keep in mind that right now both services are being heavily flooded with traffic and may be experiencing some issues. Remember that if you had the Save To Library setting enabled on the mobile Instagram app, your photos are likely still stored in your camera roll, so you might not even have to back them up.

How To Delete Your Instagram Account

If you have decided to delete your Instagram account then all you need to do is visit the following link. Doing so will prompt you to tell Instagram why you are deleting your account and then BAM your account will be deleted.


Remember that once your account is deleted there is no bringing it back and you will not be able to register under the same username at a later date. You have been warned!


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