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Powered by Unreal Engine, Speed Kills is an 3D isometric vehicular combat title planned in early 2013 for the iPad, with plans to port the title to some Android devices, PC, and Xbox LIVE Arcade at some point next year as well.

In the game, you are not only managed to be the first to the checkered flag, also you have to attack other vehicles on the track, shoot or even impact, totally a rock!

The game is a collaboration between two developers: Holy Warp and Black Wing Foundation. Holy Warp posted the following details about the game on their web site:
 · Classic gameplay, influenced by the isometric racing from the 16-bit era.
 · 5 planets/championships to compete.
 · 8 fully customizable and upgradable vehicles, ranging from beefed-up pickup trucks to futuristic hover cars.
 · Over 50 unique courses.

A trailer for Speed Kills is on YouTube; check it out below!

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