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Here we have collected best jailbreak tweaks and apps available on Cydia from last week. This week we've got quite some pretty nice tweaks, take a look:

1. HUD Pro - $1.50

HUD Pro is a MobileSubstrate tweak that modifies the way iOS’ volume heads up display works–so it can display the time, date, battery life, WiFi network, song name, album name, you name it. HUD Pro can be used to add shortcut gestures to the HUD, similar to Activator, which already has a “display tap” setting for the heads up display. The difference is HUD Pro allows for additional gestures including “one finger two taps”, “Two fingers one tap”, and “two fingers two taps”.

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2. Timer Options - $0.99

Reminder apps and task managers are abound in the iOS App Store, but getting notifications about your chores is not the same as scheduling them for automatic completion (and no, we are not talking about turning Siri into your housemaid). How many times have you set a reminder for something related to your device, like calling someone in the noon, or maybe turning your phone off at a particular hour? If you want to actually automate these tasks rather than setting mere reminders for them, we’ve got Cydia app that offers you this level of detail and control over the main functions of your device. Timer Options is a new release in the jailbreak store, and lets you schedule a lot of system-related actions for a later time. To make things convenient, you can set a timer by performing any Activator gesture of your choice.

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3. MapsOpener - FREE

MapsOpener is a new free jailbreak tweak by iOS development team HASHBANG Productions that will make the new Google Maps application from the App Store your default mapping application. After installing this tweak on iOS 5, you will be able to tap on directions links, such as those from Safari, or Yelp, and Google Maps will open instead of iOS’s stock Maps application. If you prefer the new Google Maps application, this tweak is a must-have!

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4. LockScreen Settings - FREE

Want to get rid of the lockscreen’s clock on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? You might have a great lockscreen clock widget that makes the default clock redundant. You also might want to show off your wallpaper without all the banners and overlays getting in the way.

The Tweak: LockScreen Settings is essentially the Monocle tweak for the lock screen. You can use the tweak to show the status bar clock above the lock screen, hide the lockscreen clock, show the date, change the date’s font color, hide the ‘slide to unlock’ bar, and hide the charging battery picture. With the right settings, you can really show off your wallpaper.

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5. Binary Clock – $0.99

Binary Clock is a new jailbreak tweak by iOS developer FoolishSleuth that allows you to replace iOS’ digital lock screen clock with a binary clock. The tweak gives you multiple theming options, as well as the ability to hide and show the date on the lock screen. Binary clocks show the time in binary, so not everyone will be able to read it. It does take a trained eye to get used to, however it’s a fantastic tweak and you will learn how to use a binary clock in using it.

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6. Fade – FREE

Fade is a new free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer SuperDev that creates a fading animation for your home screen’s application icons as you open or close Notification Center. The tweak is intelligent enough to determine how far you have dragged Notification Center with your finger, and will adjust the fade level of your home screen’s application icons accordingly. It’s just a mere visual effect that some may like better than having no visual effect at all.

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7. Delete Contact – $0.99

Delete Contact is a new jailbreak tweak by iOS development firm Expin Systems that makes the Contacts application more efficient in handling the deletion of contact cards. Usually, the user would need to go into each contact card individually and cumbersomely scroll all the way down to tap a delete button. This tweak remedies this inconvenience, by adding both swipe to delete, and the ability to select multiple contacts at once to delete in one tap. It saves a lot of time and brings Apple’s beloved deletion gestures to an application that they appear to have forgotten!

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