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David Pogue, in his review of Google’s new Google Maps application for iPhone and iPod touch, shares a couple of interesting tidbits from Google. First, Google reportedly has admitted that its iOS Google Maps application is better than its implementation on Android devices:

    "Google admits that it’s even better than Google Maps for Android phones, which has accommodated its evolving feature set mainly by piling on menus."

While the version for iOS takes much of the Android version’s functionality, it does still lack offline mode and full-tablet support. After noting the lack of offline map saving and iPad support, Pogue shares that Google said “that goodies like those will be coming soon.”

Zdnet also points out something more:

     "it is not just the old Google Maps app brought to iOS 6, but it is actually Google Maps Navigation Beta similar in functionality to what we see on Android devices!"

     "As you can read in the official Google blog post you will find Street View, live traffic, transit information, and much more. Alternative route options are supported too. "

via 9to5mac via Zdnet

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