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Monkeybin Studios’s work Jumpship Thrust Control just received a massive update. We just had a review of Jumpship 2, compared to the old version, it surprisingly rocks!

Jumpship Thrust Control is a fast-paced side-scroller game where you are navigating a fighter ship through the tunnels and caves of a large asteroid and beyond, trying to escape from rogue fighters intent on destroying you. Your auto-levelling and gyro have broken so you’ve got to use your thrusters manually, making navigating the tunnel obstacles ever more hazardous. But there’s no turning back!

However, many gamers said the previous version was too difficult, although it appears like a casual gamers. When you were flying our fighter ship through the evil asteroid terrain than we were rashing horrendously into a skull or into cave walls and coming to an inglorious end. And then you have to start over, that sucks! Luckily the new version gives rational adjustments.

You will like the new game!

When you do face the real thing there are multiple player modes – beginner, intermediate and expert – so you’re not left feeling like you really should give up games entirely when you come to a sticky end…you can just drop down a level until you’ve mastered it better.

What’s more, there are now 5 new terrains with superb graphics built into the game; so when you get bored of the original cave entrance terrain, you can try your skills against aliens, cave life, a totally psychedelic landscape or even submerged below water. The final “Boss” level is a mystery that will be unlocked when you unlock it.

Together with the different game modes, with the new version you can really find the right level and terrain to suit you….or rather to come to another sticky end in.

But you still want challenges, of course.

It’s still a great challenge – that element hasn’t been taken away from the game – the challenges are just a bit more tailored for your skill level now. Even if you have the eyes of a hawk and the reaction time of a ninja, you’ll still find it very difficult to conquer this game at the expert level.

And for higher level users can try the Intermediate mode and serious gamers might like the challenge of the Expert mode, which will really test you and requires lightning-quick reaction times and incredible dexterity.

And the most wonderful is the multi-layered mode. Fight game is the best game for competition, I am afraid you may become addicted to it and won’t let it go.

Overall speaking, Jumpship 2 is a much more “layered” game where users can adjust difficulty levels to suit them; this makes it much more accessible to larger numbers of both social and serious gamers out there. You can get new version of Jumpship Thrust Control on iTunes for free.


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