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Alex Saretzky has posted his concept for a redesign of Notification Center.

No one likes the linen – it doesn't make sense. If there's linen behind the screen (seen when you use Siri or the app switcher) then how can you also pull down a curtain of the same material over the screen? Its inconsistent and visually blah.

The second major issue with Notification Center is the tiny little close x buttons that you have to tap twice. The iOS Human Interface Guidelines specify a tap area of 44 pixels, these are clearly in violation. Tap above or below the x and you'll hit a notification banner. This needs to be painless and really should be a delightful experience.

Saretzky's solution is simple. Ditch the linen and display notification banners grouped by app and organized chronologically. You can then dismiss a group of notifications by swiping to the right and draging them off screen.

Notably, with Jonathan Ive taking control of Apple's Human Interface, we might actually see a real change to Notification Center soon.

Check out his concepts below and provide feedback at the link below...


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