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We have just give you the final episode for the fantastic Walking Dead: The Game from Telltale. Today we are giving you a new Walking Dead game, licensed as the official game of the comic. The Walking Dead: Assault is a top down point and click shooter/strategy game stylized to look very similar to the comics.

The ties to the comics extend beyond character and scenario design. The visuals are inky and monochrome and there's those occasional dashes of dazzling color. For the game, the brilliant colors draw the eye to important events, like say, when a zombie gets a piece of you and to point out supplies like ammo and objects that can be used as a distraction. The story beats are just straight-up presented as comic book pages, which is a neat touch.

Fighting and movement goes down in real-time. You tap to move characters, either as a group or independently. When they're in range of walkers, they'll automatically attack them with ranged or melee weapons. If you make noise, a sound indicator also goes off, alerting any walkers in the immediate area to your presence. Setting off distractions that draw walkers can help you thin their ranks. Make too much noise, though, and you'll draw an entire herd.

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The Walking Dead: Assault The Walking Dead: Assault
PLAY THE OFFICIAL GAME OF THE RECORD-BREAKING COMIC SERIES based on Robert Kirkman’s Eisner Award-winning comic series, now a hit TV show from AMC...

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