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Brightness is something that most of us can agree is an important feature of any iOS device. Most of us like to have easy access to it; unfortunately, Apple makes us go digging into our settings to change it each time we need to adjust how bright our display is. A new free jailbreak tweak dubbed BrightVol by HASHBANG Productions makes it easy to adjust your brightness from anywhere.

Instead of adding any unnecessary interfaces to iOS, BrightVol uses a feature of your iOS device that is already available for you – the volume buttons. The tweak uses Activator to allow you to switch between changing your volume and changing your brightness by using your volume buttons:

The default Activator action is to press both your volume up and volume down buttons, although you can select any Activator action you want to use. After invoking the Activator action, your volume buttons will then transform into brightness up and brightness down buttons. When your buttons are in brightness mode, your heads-up display will show a brightness icon instead of a volume icon.

You can change the volume buttons back to volume up and volume down buttons again by simply invoking the Activator action once more. As a safety feature, the tweak will automatically revert the buttons back to volume up and volume down buttons 30 seconds after you invoke the Activator action to help in preventing you from forgetting that you changed the buttons to brightness control buttons.

This safety feature could be very useful if you listen to music with your device, as if you forget that the volume is high and you use headphones, you will be able to adjust the volume immediately without fiddling with Activator to return the buttons to the volume function – this should help save your ears!

We like how BrightVol takes a minimalist approach by using buttons that are already available on your iOS device instead of making another non-native interface such as SBSettings. This coupled with the useful functionality that it adds makes the tweak nice to have. BrightVol is available on Cydia for free now. Take a look at the video demo below:


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