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iPad News: Flipboard Chosen iPad App of the Year

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Date: Dec 09 2010
Summary: Lots of iPad users have flipped for Flipboard—which is why Apple has chosen the free application its App of the Year for 2010. Have you tried it yet?


Apple just announced its iTunes Rewind list saluting the most popular apps of the past year. The big winner for 2010 is Flipboard, chosen iPad App of the Year. Flipboard makes keeping up with social media easy, by pulling content from the user’s chosen social networks and presenting it in a magazine format. This is a big boost for the free app, since iPad owners who haven’t downloaded it already will be tempted to try it now.

Users praise the way Flipboard adapts social media for the iPad format and sets a new standard for digital media. I’m sure Apple would like to see more apps like this that are custom designed for the unique format of the iPad. Get your Flipboard at the App Store. Other apps honored by Apple are iPad Game of the Year Osmos, iPhone App of the Year Hipstamatic, and iPhone Game of the Year Plants vs. Zombies.

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