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Ong Bak is a fine series of Thai martial arts movies that received plenty of critical and commercial success both in Thailand and around the world. Naturally, when a film about people kicking things and stuff getting punched makes it big, a game must be sure to follow. That game, Ong Bak Tri, is being built on the Unity3D engine for PC, consoles, and mobile. The newly released gameplay trailer looks pretty fantastic for a mobile game.

While 'smartphones' is a very general term and could mean just iOS, just Android, or both, Ong Bak Tri is being developed using the Unity3D engine which means it is more than likely coming to both Android and iOS. In this game you will be dealing out an ass whooping on pretty much anyone who gets in your way. Now that we get to see some of the gameplay thanks to this new trailer, the action looks pretty fast-paced and some of the action sequences look pretty impressive. Of course it looks like those sequences shown off in the trailer are from the console version. Visually the game looks pretty impressive as well.

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