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There is a new javascript very interesting for all users iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad. It's called iOSFlashVideo and allows you to view some videos in Flash within Safari. It's compatible with all iDevices, even those without the jailbreak and works in a really very simple.

I think the base of operation to use the same javascript included in Skyfire, but here to follow all the steps necessary to install and use.
Thanks to Video iOSFlash be able to view the web pages you visit, the media player in Flash, which contain video. It 'very useful in the case of Vimeo and other similar Servisi. We tell you now that Megavideo does not work for another but let's see how to add it in Safari.


Installing iOSFlashVideo:

1. Link to the browser on your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad to this address: http://iosflashvideo.fw.hu/
2. Click the + button located on the bottom bar of your browser. Now select "Add Bookmark" and click Save in the upper right.


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