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Anomaly Warzone Earth developer 11 bit studios aims to release tower defence sequel Anomaly Korea before the end of the year.

"We slipped," 11 bit studios senior writer Pawel Miechowski admitted to Joystiq yesterday.

"I think we're going to do it on Christmas. Ideally would be to release it before Christmas."

As evidenced by the assets we've seen so far, 11 Bit is aiming to outshine its already visually impressive predecessor in the graphics department by bumping up the amount of lighting and particle effects in the game. They also point out that since the foundation of Anomaly is already created thanks to the first game, that they've been able to focus more on adding just loads of new content to Anomaly Korea, like new vehicles, power-ups, towers and more.

How many scores willl you give for the sequel? Take a look at these are screenshots leaked before.

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