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Jet Raiders is a simple yet well made little game. The gameplay consists of flying around and shooting down enemy aircrafts that get in the way. The aircraft comes standard with only a few missiles but the ammo replenishes automatically. Many power ups float around that give players heat-seeking missiles, additional missiles, shields others to help players navigate the airspace safely. Points are awarded as players gun down enemies and progress through checkpoints. Each checkpoint is marked with a bridge that needs to be destroyed before the plane crashes into it. Like real planes, the planes in Jet Raiders will eventually run out of gas. Luckily there are large, floating blimps scattered throughout the game where the planes can refuel to continue on their mission.

The game has three different modes: classic, time attach and infinity. The classic mode consists of completing a variety of missions and making it to the finish line. It’s not very difficult to simply make it to the finish line, but it can be challenging to accomplish all the missions. The time attack mode is pretty self-explanatory. The object here is to race the clock to set new records without crashing. Last but not least, infinity mode gives players a chance to go as long as they can before their device runs out of battery.

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Jet Raiders Jet Raiders
- Incredible graphics - unleashes all the powers of the underlying GPUs. - Special optimalizations for the iPad3 & iPhone5 high resolution screens.

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