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Concept designer Sentry_NC is at it again – recently, he showed the world a new concept that would make iOS notifications much more usable – today, he’s showing us a way that the lock screen could be made more useful by making the existing Camera Grabber much more functional.

The concept makes use of the existing Camera Grabber without adding anything extraneous to the lock screen, so everything will seem normal and Apple-esque in the beginning. The magic happens when you hold down on the Camera Grabber, rather than pulling up on it to open the Camera from the lock screen:

As you can see, the concept makes it so that the icon on the grabber will light up when tapped and held on, and a new window will open showing a variety of different grabber shortcuts that could be used instead of just the Camera. The additional grabber shortcuts shown in the concept are the Phone, iMessage, and iPod.

As the user drags his or her finger to the left, or to the right, the selector will choose a different icon and the one they land on when they let go of the screen will be chosen for the lock screen grabber shortcut.

The idea is to give the user the choice of what they might want to open. Some users don’t really utilize the Camera, and might be in a better position to use the Grabber as an easy way to get to the Phone application to dial a number, or maybe they just want to have a faster way to get to the music on their device.

Shortcuts on the lock screen have been made into jailbreak tweaks before, but the idea behind this concept is putting attention into the details that we would expect from Apple. Apple certainly wouldn’t want to place application icons on the lock screen, because this would look tacky. This concept uses a clean, unobtrusive way to quickly choose a shortcut, and use it.

Additionally, having the user set their preference from the interface itself, without having to go to the Settings application, means that a lot of time will be saved and that everything integrates seamlessly. The designer also explains that the concept would be Passcode friendly, keeping your information safe from any unwanted hands that your iOS device may encounter should you choose to set it that way.

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