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PowerOptionsPro is a new Cydia tweak allows you to replace the rather limited 'slide to power off' menu with a menu that can do much more than just power the device off.

PowerOptionsPro is now available in the Cydia Store for 99¢. You will notice that the tweak has been slightly adjusted since the preview version. For example, the UI looks just a little different, and there are much more options to configure. We will take you through the changes.

The first thing you’ll notice is the new interface. The buttons now have an appealing border around them, which adds to the already aesthetically pleasing look of the buttons. From the button options, you can kill all applications suspended in the memory with one tap, clear your caches, open your information panel, respring the device, reboot the device, boot the device into safe mode, or power down the device.

The information panel shows you information about your iOS device, such as the battery level with a nice graphic to go with that, your device name, your Wi-Fi IP address, memory information, and storage information. You can close the information panel with the red close button at the top left:

When you clear your device’s caches, PowerOptionsPro will display the following screen until it finishes:

The biggest change can be found in the options for the tweak. Since the preview version, a lot has been added. The options have been organized better too:

The first option you’ll get is the ability to select an Activator action for the tweak. Under that, you can choose the order of the buttons that appear in the interface and enable or disable certain ones, filter backgrounded applications, and choose the caches that are cleaned when you clear your device’s caches.

You’ll also find the ability to use the sleep button as a toggle for the tweak instead of Activator and you can choose the amount of time you want to hold it for the interface to pop up (1-3 seconds). Additionally, you’ll be able to delay the dimming of the lock screen for 20, 30, 40, or 60 seconds, or 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or even never. The developer warns that picking never could be a battery drainer – especially if you forget you have your iPhone turned on in your pocket while on the lock screen.

Finally, you’ll find a spot to choose the animation for how the interface appears on your screen. You can choose between default (fly in from bottom to top), fly in from top to bottom, fly in from left to right, or fly in from right to left. You also can enable or disable the tweak's sounds.

PowerOptionsPro is a great tweak to have if saving time is a priority and useful features sound good to you. Being that all these useful features are accessible all from one location, the tweak is very easy to use and highly recommended.

The developer also says that an update is on the way, which will appeal to themers, with full theme support, which will include 4 stock themes.

PowerOptionsPro is now available on Cydia for $0.99.


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