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Finally Jolla did not let Meego born, so Nokia dumps it, and head to Windows Phone, we can't say this road is tough for Nokia to run, but we can tell Nokia is walking this road very painful, a few days ago, Jolla launched its brand new Sailfish OS, looks very fresh and cool, will Nokia have this Sailfish OS be their alternative? I hope so, altough Sailfish OS is too new to judge or review, we still can watch the hands-on video to know this Smartphone OS better:
In Depth Overview of Jolla Sailfish UI

Sailfish OS is simply based on one of the greatest OSes ever developed; MeeGo! Imagine having the best OS ever, the combining it with one better which is basically the same but more developed and more refined. This one is called Mer. After all these combinations Jolla added some spices like plain simplicity and ease of use for both user and developer! How cool is that?

You can already see where this is going, can’t you?
It’s like growing a baby and nurturing him/her in the simplest and the best way possible. It’s gonna be amazing when he grows up.

And this is exactly what is happening in Jolla’s headquarters, They are growing and nurturing their own baby from the scratch and they are constantly telling the baby to be the best in the world! it is difficult to be frank, but possible as Jolla is demonstrating for us now days.

The User Interface Philosophy on Sailfish :

Jolla’s definition of the Sailfish UI is plain simplicity and modern gestures. There are no buttons unlike the others, There’s no specific UI for apps unlike the others, There’s pure openness; unlike the others ! and simply everything is there, but unlike the others!

The User Interface Overview :

The first thing you notice on this demo below is the “Double-Tap to open” feature which we all had on our MeeGo devices (N9s and N950s) from last year and we absolutely loved it until now and as you would imagine Jolla has listened to the community and simply added this handy feature to their devices. Interesting, isn’t it? The first part made by Jolla and idea given by people! It’s a rather good customer satisfaction policy to listen carefully to the customer.

Also if you want know more details about this OS and UI, just watch the full SLUSH 2012 keynote after the break:

From jollausers.com,they list 7 reasons Why Jolla is “New but Better”

1. Open it is! Come in

That’s what Jolla officials ask every developer who wants to contribute to the existing model. What it means is a community based OS that is susceptible to changes by the users of Jolla. Suppose you created a heavy duty truck. But then one of your friends found some faults and improved its load handling capacity. Then, another friend of yours modified it even further with the same capacity and better mileage. That’s how Jolla works. Just anybody can contribute for himself and the world to use. On papers, Android is also an open source code platform but single handedly controlled by Google.  That’s where Jolla takes the game.

2. User ‘Friendly’ Interface

What we had seen till now was a horizontally swappable touch screen. But Jolla has introduced horizontal cum vertical swipe touch with Sailfish. This 2-Dimensional navigation is faster, smarter and a new look to the trend. Also, the home screen can be customized depending upon user’s mood with features like Ambiance, Pulley Menu, etc.

4. Collaboration with Tech Giants

Before going to Slush, Jolla had already bagged a 200Million Euro alliance with some partners in Hong Kong, China. They have already cleared their plans to focus largely on the ‘big dynamic market’ in China. Moreover, with the launch of Sailfish at the Slush event, they had another surprise for the fans collaborating with ST-Ericsson for the launch of their devices next year running on Sailfish. So, Jolla has a big support in the market to start their journey and distribute themselves among the hearts of people.

3. Multitasking at its Best

With Sailfish, Jolla has brought in a no. of new multitasking options. What the engineers at Jolla have done is minimize the no. of interactions with the interface and the device will automatically be faster and easier to use. For example, suppose you have a song playing in the media player and you want to stop it to make a call. For that, you need to open the media player first and then stop the song. But with Jolla, you can stop the song from the home screen using the “Live tiles” concept which allows interacting with the apps without opening them actually.

5. Ecosystem

Sailfish has been built to support any specific business models and therefore can be run on almost any hardware, as the company illustrated at the Slush event. It can be modified according to the requirements opposite to Android or iOS which are more rigid and lack any such flexibility.

6. Third Party Services

Though Jolla’s Sailfish is heavily focused on Mobile devices, the Mer core based OS does pack the positives of the abandoned and supports and can be readily used for Netbooks, Tablets, TV, Smartphones and other embedded systems.

7. “Evergreen” App Store

Thanks to the Application Control Layer on the front, Jolla users can march into the Google’s Play Store and download just any app as easily as a loyal user to Android. This is a huge back-up for Jolla as they already have a built-in empire for the stay of their citizens. Also, with a huge outside contribution expected from third party developers, Jolla’s own apps will soon making it to the stores adding to the collection.

Jolla Sailfish OS like a new hope and choice for Nokia or for the whole Smartphone Ecosystem, we hope this OS can have good performance in the short future.

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