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Just recently, the iPhone 5 was announced on AT&T and the option became available to purchase it as a Refurbished device. If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘Refurbished’, it means the device was returned, and is considered as used by a consumer. The devices do not go to waste as they are sent back to Apple for an inspection, and repackaging. The device is then sold for a fraction of what it normally retailed for. In most cases, it is about a third less. AT&T is currently the only United State’s carrier offering this to customers as of now. No word has been given if this is just a Black Friday/Weekend special, but consumers can predict this will be a permanent thing. If you had a choice to buy a brand new iPhone 5, or a Refurbished one, which would you pick? Be sure to check out the video above for full details!

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