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On the recent Apple event, Apple have refreshed nearly all the product lines, then what would be next big thing Apple will unveil? People's eyesight focus on far rumored iTV now. A member of The Verge forums posted a series of interface concept for the Apple TV. Take a look:

Regardless of the source, the concept calls for a unified interface bringing together all the different media sources in one central place, with voice-activated search, electronic program guides and other perks…

This is what an electronic program guide might look like.

Siri on your telly. He’s envisioning lots more uses for Siri on the iTV: from scheduling recordings, setting and changing reminders to changing channels and playing media to opening apps, finding content available for purchase in iTunes and so forth.

You may remember that BGR editor Jonathan Geller incorrectly predicted apps for the current-generation Apple TV hockey puck ahead of WWDC.

You’ll recall that BGR editor Jonathan Geller incorrectly predicted that Apple would at WWDC 2012 launch third-party apps for the current-generation Apple TV hockey puck.

Of course, Samsung’s Smart TVs can run a growing selection of apps like Facebook and Angry Birds, with the pricier models featuring gesture control Minority Report style.

Browsing the iTunes Store for movies and television shows. By the way, what’s up with the linen background? It’s fugly as hell, even if “Knowledge” mentions he is not a graphic designer. Hopefully, linen texture is never gonna happen on our TVs under Jony Ive’s watch.

Easy access to Purchased iTunes movies right from the item’s page.

Apple is rumored to be releasing an update to the current Apple TV device and an Apple Television next year. Do you think that is gonna happen?


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