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Kickstarter mega-success Shadowrun Returns will now launch in either May or June 2013, developer Harebrained Studios has announced.

It was originally slated to launch for PC, iOS and Android devices in January, but the increased scope of the project - due to the huge amount of money pledged - means more time will be needed.

Shadowrun Returns' Kickstarter campaign ended with $1.8 million in the bank. Harebrained had only asked for $400,000.

Shadowrun Returns is planned to be a "graphically rich 2D turn-based single player game" in the vein of classic Shadowrun. Harebrained Schemes will also release the PC level editor alongside the game, so players can craft their own stories and missions within the universe and share them online -- either with all players or only your friends.

"As we announced a few months ago, we've backed off our original delivery date of January 2013," reads a statement from the team on the game's Kickstarter page (thanks, Polygon). "It might've worked for the scope of the game we originally envisioned but as our ambitions (read that “features list”) grew, so did the time we needed to deliver!

"Plus, we made a big move from our original top down camera to an isometric point of view and that took serious R&D time. Right now, according to our estimates, we're looking at May or June."

In the meantime the company has created and tested a working prototype, hired new staff and moved "to a bigger space with running water".

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