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For those of you that hate Apple’s implementation of multitasking in iOS, another option has surfaced in the Cydia Store dubbed jLauncher by iOS developer John Corbett that makes everything a whole lot easier to get to.

In Apple’s App Switcher, getting to the volume bar requires two swipes to the left and getting to your music controls requires one swipe to the left. Apart from those two problems, Apple’s App Switcher also lacks a brightness slider and a way to see the date and time. The idea behind jLauncher is to make everything accessible to you from one page and improve on Apple's letdowns, by bringing us an interface that can do the things Apple's App Switcher lacks.

Shown above is what the interface looks like. From the left side of the screen, you get the time, date, iPod controls, brightness slider, and volume slider. The iPod controls include a nice, large album artwork illustration, and the name of the song is displayed just under the artwork. Users can tap on the album artwork to launch the Music application.

On the right side of the screen are all of the applications suspended in the background. You can scroll through them vertically and tap on them to launch the application. Everything is displayed on a transparent interface so you can still see what’s going on in the background.

jLauncher is opened using an Activator action and every time you launch and close jLauncher, there is a nice animation that can be seen. We’ve created the animated gif below to demonstrate the animation to you:

jLauncher doesn’t have any options to configure apart form choosing an Activator action. You can set it to anything you want, although if you set it to double pressing the home button, it will replace the stock App Switcher.

An update is out today with the ability to close out of applications by simply holing on their application icons while you have jLauncher open. A nice animation will appear when you hold on the icons and they are removed from the background. If you were worried about not being able to close out of suspended applications while using jLauncher, there is no longer any reason to be worried! Check it out!

You can grab jLauncher from the BigBoss repository in Cydia for $1.99.


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