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Everyone must read fairytales when they was young, and one of these fairytales must impress all of us deeply. In the fairytale's world, there is a talking rabbit, always-angry Red Queen, emotional Mad Hatter...yep, it's where Alice belongs! Alice's Adventure in Wanderland was released decades of years ago, but it has always been the inspiration source of nowadays game design. This week we're gonna introduce five Alice mobile games to you guys, hope them will racall the memories of you childhood!

Alice Link

Among diversified Link-Link, games only having the most common characteristics will no longer last long because players will probably feel bored while linking without purpose in game. But Alicelink is not any of them. And I believe it will quickly become one of players’ favorite games since it combines features of strategy game, link-link as well as puzzle together instead of a simple linking. It requires player to get victory in many different cases, such as in limited time, limited steps and even harder circumstances.


First Alicelink makes innovation in linking designs with cute animals. When you slide on interface or clear the same animals, they will do a lot of cute facial expressions. Besides, the task in each quest is different, including rescue animals out of cage, clear all the monsters, win badge, get enough score, fast clearance and etc. All the non-fixed game modes are new and fun. Interestingly, except for the clearance route defined, players can clear strong monsters and save the covered animals according to your own customized route.


Download the game here

In this game Alice is in a dreamy wonderland, with her extraordinary courage and link magic, save the various small animals imprisoned by the queen, beat back the monsters! There are plenty of items that helping you get through quest as quick as possible, such as quick tips, queen bombs, reshuffle, diamond resurrection and etc. Taking fully use of items, thinking out the best customized route by the limited five lives and reaching highest score enrich this link game.


It’s worth mentioning that the number of diamond that each player having in Alicelink is 50 from the beginning. And they can be used to exchange lives for continuing playing so as to avoid waiting after defined five lives run out. Lately an event has been carried out that the diamonds will be added from 50 to 150 during 2014.11.06-2014.12.01. How could you let such a great chance slip through your fingers? Hurry up! Join interesting Alice link right now and win 100 more diamonds than before. Hand-on to download Alice link and enjoy the wonderful time it brings to you!


Alice link is available on Wakti for free:


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