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As Modern Combat 4 draws near, more and more content is being released and fans can now see actual game-play footage and in-game screen-shots. Here is a summary of some hands-on game-play previews written by some of the biggest gaming websites out there.

As the first mission progresses, the player is brought right into the action with the ever infamous “Beaches of Normandy” feel. In an article written by Andrew Podolsky, writer at Slide To Play, he describes the first scene by saying, “The chaos all around you is stunning, it's a far more active battlefield than we're used to in previous Modern Combat games.” Throughout this level, the user will begin to get the full effect of the graphics quality and special lighting. Players will experience a world unlike anything seen in the regular smart-phone gaming environment.
If you're familiar with the previous versions of Modern Combat, then you will have no problems getting the hang of this one. The default control setup is standard; virtual buttons are available to crouch, shoot and throw grenades. Buttons for ADS shooting will give you steadier aim. In a first-hand impression article by Justin Davis from IGN , he says, “Gameloft has made every accommodation to make the touch screen FPS interface feel as intuitive as possible.” If you are not familiar with the series, there is an in-depth tutorial that will teach you all the basics.
The multiplayer aspect of Modern Combat is one that is like none other. Jeff Scott from 148apps.com describes this experience in an article saying,“The mulitplayer is where this game really shines. The number of hours that can be spent there is pretty much endless. An amazing array of unlockables, customizations, power up, vehicles, weapons, and multiple play modes seem to go on forever.”
What most of our fans were worried about was hackers. We have taken extra steps to prevent this problem and provide everyone with a fair and fun experience. TouchArcade has provided excellent feedback in another preview on the counter-cheating measures we implemented in the game, saying, “Gameloft is very aware how this can sour the experience for others. It's a hard problem to manage, though, but they did assure me that they're taking additional steps with Modern Combat 4 in terms of how they monitor and deal with this problem from their end, as well as giving players the ability to report abuse themselves from within the game.”
Launching Modern Combat 4 is something everyone here at Gameloft is excited about and we want to take the time to say we appreciate the great feedback from our fans and the review sites who take the time to learn about what we provide players with and how we do it. Stick around, there is more to come.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour will be available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices later this year; probably in the month of December.

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