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Since iOS 5 was released, users have been struggling its frustrating bugs and issues, the most prominent of which is the quick battery drainage. Though the iPhone 4S is packed with a lot of impressive features, users fail to enjoy them because of the battery issue which renders their iPhones unreliable.
In an attempt by Apple to fix the battery issue, iOS 5.0.1 was released promising better performance. However the problem still lingers and users have to wait still for a fix.

In addition to the memory leak problem which delayed the release of iOS 5.0.2 which was expected to launch couple of days ago, the current iOS 5 devices are apparently struggling with another issue which is connecting to Wi-Fi netwroks. Even if an iOS 5 device manages to connect to a Wi-Fi network, users still report sluggish weak connection signal which soon drops completely.

Looks like iOS 5 is backed with flaws that Apple has to address before it has too many bemused users on its hands. Do you have the same issue on your iOS 5?


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