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Pay attention fans of the hardcore Shin Megami Tensei series - Sega has just launched Demon Tribe on the App Store. It was created by Masayoshi Kikuchi, known for his work on the Panzer Dragoon series, the Yakuza series, and Jet Set Radio. You collect and capture new fighters in an effort to form your ultimate team from over 250 unique characters.

Sega acquired Atlus and its Shin Megami Tensei RPGs earlier this year. While Demon Tribe isn't part of that series, it's clearly influenced by it, and should be a sufficient replacement.

Demon Tribe is a mix of action-RPG, MOBA, and card collection. You capture demons and fuse them together to unleash their dark powers when doing battles in real-time with other players online.

Multiplayer consists of both a cooperative mode as well as player versus player. PvP pits two teams of three players against each other in arena-style combat. Players can form clans, which can then level up using the clan ranking system. There's also a single player mode, alongside three-on-three synchronous co-op clan battles.

Demon Tribe is free-to-play on the App Store and is supported by in-app purchases.

If you download the game at launch, you'll receive exclusive and rare demon cards based on the rock band KISS by completing certain objectives. Seriously.

Demon Tribe Demon Tribe
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