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Macerkopf, the site which claimed with a certain tone that the iOS 5.0.2 update would be released this week, has dramatically U-turned early in this week. The reason is Apple is fixing another big bug - memory leaks, and Macerkopf offered no ETA, either.

"The site states that whilst the battery issues have been sorted out, there are ongoing issues with memory leaks which require a little more scrutiny, so rather than have to release 5.0.3 almost immediately after, Apple has apparently decided to spend a little time and sort out all major issues.

The battery problems haven’t affected anywhere near as many people as the iPhone 4′s antenna issues, and only affects certain configurations – probably a defining factor in the delay. Some have reported deterioration of around 10% per hour, and although as smartphone users we’ve become used to the high juice consumption, this takes it to a whole new level."

Apple was kind of blamed by too hurry to release iOS 5.0.1, which didn't fix the original battery issue but bought more bugs. Anyway, it is good to see a more perfect firmware.

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