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The 2012 GDC [Game Developers Conference] in China has just finished in Shanghai, This year's show brought together thousands of game professionals and industry luminaries from across the global community for three days of inspiring industry learning and dialog. And Tracy from Pandaapp was so glad and honored to have opportunity to interview with the Gameloft business manager of China:  Eric Tan, who is generous to share some tips and suggestions on app marketing strategy, let's have a look the full interview video after a break:

With the China app store reviewing few thousands of apps a week, how can small developer or publisher standout from the rest, and do u have any marketing suggestions?

And Eric said Gameloft has focused on Mobile game since 1999, and in past decade Gameloft had made outstanding and high quality games like 7 series asphalt, 4 series Mordern combat, 3 series N.O.V.A,  which made people aware of these great games for a long time, and second key factor is Gameloft’s stragety of covering the whole ecology system, besides these big platforms,  Gameloft also has worked with smart TV and MTK chips system in China, the third one is marketing publish, and gameloft had published with many company, such as: amazing spider man and badman the dark knight rises, Eric thought these were the three factors combined made Gameloft get a unique position in mobile game world.

The tips on how the developers of iOS and Android can make sustained revenue from games in China?

To china market, Chinese is more sensitive with price and you should low down the barriers to let players to download the game, so you should shift heavily from premium to free premium, and Gameloft released Ice age village for free premium at the very beginning, and the downloads number of the game compared with others in china is very proud. If you're a developer and going to target in China mobile market, you should learn something from this.

How can developer publisher keep top position in chart of China App Store?

Eric think no matter iOS or Android, the localization is the key factor for that, if you seriously target in china, please consider using Chinese hero, lord factors in game, which will get better chance to win in China. Especially for android, need consider more about platform choice, because of some google service is disabled in China.

Except advertising and app review, are there other useful ways to promote app?

The structure is very important, and gameloft has restructure the team be responsible for promotion and revenue, still the social network, media review articles and even out-dated advertising are very important for a successful game.

Eric Tan still share some their plans in future, and we hope gameloft can bring more good games to us and have a better performance in every platform.

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