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Here are the best jaibreak tweaks and tweaks roundup for last week.

1. SLightEnhancerSearch – FREE

SLightEnhancerSearch is the reason to start using SpotLight. It supercharges the feature so that SpotLight can be used as a hub to search all kinds of things like the App Store, Cydia, YouTube, and a whole lot more. When you search for a Cydia tweak with SpotLight, for example, just hit enter and Cydia will launch and load up whatever you search for. It will do similar actions for other applications on your device such as the App Store, iTunes, and others, launching the respective application with whatever you searched for. This is a must-have if you want an easy way to find things on your iOS device.

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2. Accelerate – FREE

Accelerate is the solution to making a slower device seem faster. The tweak can speed up system animations, giving the illusion that the device is ultra fast. It also comes with custom speeds for slowing down animations for the sake of customization. You can disable the tweak for certain animations too, so if you like the stock speed of something, you can leave it at that. As a free tweak, this is a must-have for people that enjoy customizing their iPhones.

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3. WebOffline for Chrome – $0.99

WebOffline for Chrome gives Google Chrome users on iOS the ability to save Web pages for future viewing even when an Internet connection might not be able to be established. The tweak adds a new button to the Google Chrome options so you can save a page and a green banner alerts you when the page is done saving. You can access any saved Web pages from the offline tab in the bookmarks screen. If you use Google Chrome for iOS, this tweak is sure to be useful in a pinch.

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4. ImmediateSend – $0.99

ImmediateSend is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to quickly respond to messages without ever leaving the application you're in. Just tap on a notification banner and a dialog box will let you input a response and send the message off as either a text message or an iMessage. The tweak includes response features for Lock Screen notifications and Notification Center notifications. The tweak also brings up the dialog box instead of the Messages application when you attempt to compose a message from the Send Message button under someone's contact card. If you'd rather spend less time switching between applications in a conversation, this tweak is certainly worth trying.

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5. Dial – $0.99

Dial is a new Cydia tweak that offers a gesture-controlled shortcut to dialing numbers on your iPhone. If you are playing a game or watching a video, there is no need to quit it and go all the way to the Phone or Messages app to place a call. Simply perform the gesture used to invoke the App Switcher tray or Siri, and a compact dialer with a shortcut to messaging will pop up over the screen. Users can choose whether they want to replace Siri or the App Switcher with the dialer, or use it in conjunction with the stock options. Another option on offer is to replace the entire Spotlight search area with the dialer.

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