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World War II has always been a hot topic for games though it has been past several decades. Those heroes of World War II always impassion my craving for glory. Since I can never be the Captain America, I still have my own way to achieve the hero dream...I've played several games with World War II elements, most of them are action game, full of military themes and boring gameplay, what I'm searching for is a brand new game which I can be a commander - then the new tower defense mobile game World War II just capture my heart. Hey dudes, come with me to step up to our hero dreams!


In World War II, we need to use our operating practices and strategic capabilities, command and combat capabilities of the popular four different characters to form their own suicide note guerrillas defense. The nice graphic of its scenes makes it different from other tower defense games. Four services are put on standby for you, sir: Sniper, colonel, bomber and professor. You are going to training your army in the game, the higher your army ability is, the more powerful you will be. Commander, you’re the key of reinforcement! Don’t forget to use air support or long-range artillery support when your army is in danger.


When you are busy saving your army by yourself, don’t forget to check out the two-for-one gold event which will make your defense much stronger and helps you get easier gaming experience. The event will offer you double gold sell for limited time, it means that we can get 2000 gold with 5.0 WKG, 6000 gold with 10 WKG and even 14000 gold with 20WKG! No need to worry about the expensive weapons any more, would you like to join me or PK with me?


Now it isn’t a fire age, but we can still chase our hero dream in World War II! Dudes, just come with me and fight for the glory! Scan the code or click the download icon to get android client right now!

World War II now is available on Wakti store:





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