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The LTE iPad Mini just opened pre-orders from yesterday, but some lucky guys have already received their LTE iPad mini. Then what's the differences between it with the normal version. Take a look the hands-on pictures:


Look, it’s kind of like Blue Steel versus Magnum, but there are two visible differences between Apple’s (AAPL) Wi-Fi-only iPad mini and the new iPad mini Wi-Fi + LTE. For starters, there’s the antenna cover at the top and while Apple decided not to go with a white plastic cover on previous white iPad models, this time it pulled the trigger — white on white on aluminum. Also notably different is the SIM card slot, but besides that, these two units feel identical. Verizon’s LTE network works beautifully with the iPad mini, delivering the amazingly quick performance we’ve come to expect, and the rest has been covered at length.

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