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Battery Status is a neat new jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Daniel Taub that allows iOS to be more informative about your battery. The tweak can tell you how much battery percentage you have, how much more battery percentage you need to get to 100%, and even tell you how long it will take to get to 100% through charging. This functionality is certainly welcome, because the battery is an important part of any iOS device

The tweak is activated one of three ways: Activator action, plugging your iOS device into a power source, or unplugging your iOS device from a power source. Not only will the tweak show you the information above, but you can also configure the tweak to use Siri’s voice to speak the information out loud to you. This feature doesn't require you to have a Siri-enabled device.

All of Battery Status' options can be found in the Settings application:

From the first block of options, you can enable the tweak for plugging your device in, unplugging your device, and for use with Activator. You can enable these all at once, or you can pick and choose among them.

From the function menu, you’ll be able to choose to have the tweak show an alert popup with the battery information, or have the tweak speak the information out loud to you instead. The tweak can also do both at the same time. From the Activator action menu, you will pick an Activator action you want to use if Activator is your preferred method of using the tweak.

While the spoken battery information is neat, the ability of the tweak to tell you how long it will take to fully charge your device is even neater. Never again will you have to question how long the charge up is going to take. This could be very useful for people that charge their devices up right before leaving for work or school because it will let them know how much time they need to put aside before leaving to charge their device.

You can find Battery Status today on the ZodTTD & MacCiti repository in Cydia!

via modmyi via IDB

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