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Gameloft's Modern Combat series lets you chart the evolution of the iOS platform over the years. Now the forth Modern Combat serie will be available soon. And hand-on footages have been leaked from lucky guys. You want to watch? Of course you want!


Gameloft is one of the few companies that provides both single-player and multiplayer modes in their big new games, something that is common on consoles but lacking in the App Store. All this content comes at a premium price of around $7, but from what we played, it'll be worth it if you enjoyed the first three games or have a competitive streak. Modern Combat 4 will be available soon, before the end of the year.


As is typical with games like this, the opening scene of Modern Combat 4 is incredibly intense and wastes no time throwing you right into the thick of things. Reminiscent of storming the beaches at Normandy in the famous scene from 'Saving Private Ryan', you and your squad will arrive via boat to the beaches of Hawaii with all manner of hell breaking loose around you. You'll then follow your squad commander as he leads you inland and through both indoor and outdoor environments picking off enemies as they come. There are various objectives to complete along the way before finally arriving at an extraction point which signals the end of the level.


While on one level you could say that Modern Combat 4 is just more Modern Combat, is that all bad? I don’t think so. Modern Combat is one of the best franchises available on iOS. And in this version Gameloft have truly taken everything in the game to the next level. With amazing Retina graphics, great single player campaign, multiple vehicles, great voice acting, and a deep multiplayer system that has to be seen to be believed.

You’ll likely spend as many as 14 hours working through the single player campaign. The multiplayer is where this game really shines. The number of hours that can be spent there is pretty much endless. An amazing array of unlockables, customizations, power up, vehicles, weapons, and multiple play modes seem to go on forever.


Modern Combat 4′s campaign is shaping up to be another bombastic experience on the AppStore in the coming weeks. It’s another great example of Gameloft pushing the iOS hardware to attempt to deliver a console like experience to quench our hardcore iOS gaming thirsts.

The campaign of course, is – quite literally – only half the story. As with many first person shooters on consoles, it’s often the multiplayer part of the game that is the first port of call for players – with the campaign mode seen as an added bonus. It’s no different with Gameloft’s MC3 and NOVA3, and MC4 promises to deliver even more in the multiplayer stakes than before, with an improved load-out system, perks and even voice chat. Look out for our multiplayer thoughts soon.

Gameloft plans on releasing Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour before the end of the year. Stay tuned!

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