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ZDNet just post a report about the test iPhone 4S battery issues. The report confirms the issue is totaly software based nothing about hardware.

This developer who wanted to remain anonymous had two iPhone 4S devices purchased at the same time, connected to the same network, and running iOS 5.0.1. One had battery issues and one did not.

So that we could totally rule out this being a hardware problem the developer took things a step further. He factory reset both handsets and then recovered then from a backup. However, rather than reloading them with their original backup, he swapped them over. He reloading his day-to-day handset with the backup from his development handset, and loaded the development handset with the backup from his regular day-to-day handset.

The problem jumped handsets. Now the handset that was his development test bed (but loaded with the apps and settings from his day-to-day handset) is displaying the battery drain problem. The other handset (the one that was displaying the problem), is showing excellent battery life.

The iPhone 4S battery issues were always assumed to be software related; however, this provides some confirmation of that. Apple has said it continues to work on resolving the issues.

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