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Reminiscent of classic helicopter based game, Desert Strike, there’s no violence within Pilot’s Path, leaving it a fun yet gripping game of making ends meet while keeping one’s boss happy. This is Pilot’s Path.

In the presser for this game, developer Happymagenta described it as "if Desert Strike and an old school resource gatherer had a baby".

You command an chopper as it flies about massive randomly generated world maps on the hunt for items to sell and missions to complete. It's all about souping up your helicopter with a bigger fuel tank, a more spacious cargo hold, a more dependable hull, and more speed.

It's also got remote control tech, so you can play on an iPad with an iPhone, or use Apple TV to play on your telly.

Pilot’s Path is now available on Pandaapp as a VIP game. Join this giveaway to earn Gold and VIP!

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Pilot's Path Pilot's Path
Pilot’s Path is an old school, open world helicopter simulator where you’ll play as a dishonorably discharged USAF ace pilot. Without anywhere else to turn, you’ll delve deep into a criminal underworld where kingpins and drug lords will call upon your expert services to deliver certain...

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