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Folks over Toucharcade has found an interesting game: Gangnam Style Massacre. To be clear: it's an interesting but isn't a good game. This is a free and simple game, and makes fun of the singer Psy and his amazing music Gangnam Style. Turns out, it's an archery game that tasks you with shooting a jar off of a dude's head. The more times you can shoot the jar cleanly in a row, the higher your score.

In fact I see few of elements in the graphic, and full of obnoxious ads. But it's weired that so many people are downloading it, and it even got a 4 stars of score...

Anyway, if you want some Gangnam Style time, click the link below to get it. It's available on the App Store for free:

Gangnam Style Massacre Gangnam Style Massacre
You are in Gangnam, a wealthy neighborhood in the South Korean city of Seoul. To be precise, you are out in front of the most elite archery school in the city.
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