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Have a game with save file that you just really don't want to lose by deleting it? This guide shows how to save progress to a computer.

Infinity Blade doesn’t have iCloud like the sequel does. And many players put a lot of time into that game, but you delete it, the save disappears into the aether.

Well, not necessarily. There is a way to backup save files to a computer, and even put them on another device, all without going through the iTunes backup/restore process, and without jailbreaking.

First, download and install i-FunBox. It’s available for Windows and Mac. Start by plugging in to your computer the device that has the save file of choice on it, and plug only this device in. At least on Mac, i-FunBox can only detect one device at a time. Now, after it loads, click the drop-down arrow to the left of User Applications. Find the app whose data you want to copy. Open it up, and a screen with several folders and a few files should be available. Ctrl-click (on Mac, Command-click) on the Documents and Library folders. Now click the orange arrow facing right that on Mac says Copy To Mac. Save these files in their own individual folder. Do not let them mingle with other preferences files! And that’s it. The app’s preferences file should now be safely tucked away on your computer.

Now, it’s actually a very simple process to restore an app’s data to a device, hypothetically including one that was not the original. Unplug the original device and plug in the device to be copied to. Follow the same instructions as before to find the exact same app. Now click the Copy From Mac or similar button (dragging the folders to the iFunBox window should work as well), and the files should be instantaneously copied. Load up the app, and if all has gone well, then the save file should be transferred! Free space is mine!

Now, just a word of warning: as this is somewhat of a backdoor method to do this, there’s no guarantee that it will work properly. Transferring preferences files between universal apps should work, but iPhone and iPad versions will likely not. There’s no guarantee that a transferred save file will work, but Infinity Blade and Tilt to Live are confirmed working for writer. And remember, keep the folders isolated. If an app won’t load due to messed up configuration files, then deleting it and reinstalling it should solve the problem. Just be very careful.


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