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Today, we got several awesome games, I can't wait to introduce them to you guys!

1. Extinction 3D

This game has a lot in common with classic GTA and survival games. Currently there are two main modes, Survival and Free Roam. This isn't GTA where you have safe houses and stuff but more like you are dropped into the world to survive and rescue as many people as possible. If you die then that's the end other than you can unlock new weapons for the next time around depending on how well you play. Becides, the heavy tasted RCC element will remind you another violence game 'Carmageddon.'

Extinction 3D Extinction 3D
Extinction is a top-down 3d zombie shooter game with destructible environment, lots of weapons, drivable vehicles and offers a lot of bloody fun. Forget the boring dialogs and the endless words, Extinction is all about the bloody action and the fun to kill zombies in many crazy ways.

2. Outlaw

In an age where shooters usually consist of three dimensions, space aliens and super powers, it is hard to imagine there was ever a time when bullets consisted of a single on-screen pixel. You could travel back as far as the Atari 2600 era, to find this true of the classic wild west shooter, Outlaw. Thirty six years later, Atari is trying to re-introduce the brand to a whole new generation of gamers, thanks to iOS. Does the game manage to live up to the legacy of its predecessor, or does it end up leaving players high and dry?

Outlaw Outlaw
Howdy folks! We're continuing to address some of these sneaky crash issues, so you can have the best Outlaw experience possible.If you continue to experience this, please contact us at CustomerSupport@atari.com so we can get more info from you!

3. iBomber Attack

Cobra Mobile's iBomber series has returned. This time around, you have to fight your way through 24 Europe-based missions.

Your missions involve blowing up naval dockyards, destroying airfields, and wiping out secret bases, as well as the soldiers that reside inside them. Roll around Europe over 24 missions and launch a rocket at anyone who forgets to call your 'sir'.

iBomber Attack iBomber Attack
Jump into your tank and get ready to blast your way around Europe and defeat the enemy in this visceral tour of destruction! With 24 missions full of explosive action to go at, iBomber Attack is a dose of high-octane entertainment that you won’t be able to put down.

4. Frontline Tactics

In March of last year developer Full Control released a fantastic turn-based strategy game called Tactical Soldier - Undead Rising. In it you led a cast of characters through highly atmospheric environments as they attempted to put the kibosh on a zombie infestation. Standard fare premise-wise, but it was the highly tactical choices you had to make in order to be successful in Undead Rising that elevated it above your average zombie game.

Now the developers released a follow-up to Tactical Soldier that would aim to take the same basic turn-based combat of the first came, drop it into a modern military setting, and expand and improve the mechanics in big ways. The result is, Frontline Tactics.

Frontline Tactics Frontline Tactics
A modern take on the Tactical Turn-Based genre with cross-platform multiplayer over Mobile iOS Devices, Mac and PC.
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