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Here we collected best jailbreak apps and tweak roundup from last week. They are all free.

1. Activoice – FREE

Activoice is a new free jailbreak tweak by iOS hacker and developer Ryan Petrich that allows you to use an Activator action to launch Google Now from the new Google Search application. If you don’t have Siri on your iOS device, or you don’t like Siri as much as you like Google’s Google Now, then you can use Activoice in order to to replace Siri with Google Now when you hold down your home button. The additional ability of being able to set an Activator action for additional functions, such as Google Goggles, Text Search, and Google Apps is just icing on the cake, which we feel makes this tweak better than NowNow.

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2. CleanActivity – FREE

CleanActivity is a new free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer r_plus that allows you to hide unused sharing options in the iOS 6 sharing menu. It’s useful for people that don’t use Facebook, Twitter or AirPrint, because why have an icon for something you don't use? The tweak can also be enabled and disabled for only certain applications, so you can have more sharing options in the Camera Roll than say, sharing a link from the App Store. It all comes down to personal preference!

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3. SSCapture – FREE

A new jailbreak tweak called “SSCapture” allows jailbreakers to have their iPhone auto-capture screenshots. All you have to do is download the tweak, assign SSCapture an activator-action, and upon inputting this preset action a pop-up box will appear allowing users to choose their auto-capture time interval.

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4. NoNewApp – FREE

This is an tweak I realy love. Does the “new” app banner, which Apple added in iOS 6, get on your nerves? If so, download NoNewApp – a new jailbreak tweak that can completely banish the aforementioned banners from your jailbroken iDevice.

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5. UIRotation for Activator

Apple’s automatic orientation feature for iOS devices is nice, but it’s not always ideal. A new plugin for Activator dubbed UIRotation for Activator by iOS developer ichitaso will let you manually manage your device’s orientation by using an Activator action. The tweak will work even when your rotation lock is on, so what this means is Apple’s automatic orientation feature won’t annoy the heck out of you in inconvenient situations.

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6. InstaSafe

If you need to quickly boot your iDevice into safe mode, there are quite a few options available on Cydia in order to do so. One of the latest tweaks available via Cydia is InstaSafe, which places a dedicated safe mode button conveniently on the SpringBoard.

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