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That Hatch is well-designed should be no surprise for anybody that's used Clear before. It's easily one of the cleanest, most intuitive apps I've ever used period. I'm willing to bet that with all their expertise in UI and UX design that Impending and Realmac will make sure that Hatch is a joy to use and check in with on a daily basis. Well, one thing lead to another (Namely, the insane success of the Ellen game Heads Up! [$0.99]) and early 2013 turned into "soon" which eventually firmed up to November 20th.


In the game, you take care of a ultra-cute Fugu. Players will be responsible for playing with it, feeding it, and giving it attention- Somewhat like a next generation Tamagotchi. Also, surprisingly enough, Hatch is not going to be a free to play game like the many virtual pet titles that seem to guilt you in to spending money by having your virtual dog whine at you. Instead, it's launching with a $1.99 price tag, which we're hoping means a return to sensible game design in the virtual pet world.
For more information, including an amazing trailer and the ability to pre-select your Fugu pet, hit up the Hatch web site.

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